The Benin Artefacts Repatriation Campaign Organisation (B.A.R.C.O.) is non-political cultural collection of global citizens motivated by the rightful return of the Artefacts looted by the British forces after the Benin Expedition of 1897. The Artefacts consist of many plaques and sculptures made of bronze and date as far back as the 13th century. These were taken by the British Foreign and Commenwealth Office. There are no records of how many Artefacts were taken, it is thought to be around 3000 pieces. Many were sold and landed in museums and private collections around the world. Our goal is to return the Artefacts to their rightful, original owners. We can do this by partnering and working with existing groups. We are global citizens with members all over the world who are prepared to negotiate and fight for the Repatriation of the Benin Artefacts. In order to repatriate the Artefacts a New Royal museum will be built. We are determined to work with the Edo government and Nigerian National Museum to ensure that this new facility can properly house and preserve the Artefacts. get involved.