Artefacts of the Benin are their pride and beauty

Benin artefacts are more than just an object and it's their pride, their beauty and human right. The people of the world have things they values, things they respect and this connects them to their neighbours or competitors in every facet of life; business, social, or and leadership in nature.

Benin people have a state in any human capacity to be amongst the richest or the most creative community through their natural gift of the leadership of resilience and patience in anything to do with culture and traditions. An example is today's Edo State beauty and the self economical status after the 1897 British invasion.

Presently, Benin people are the most independent hard-working people in the world, they have also been able to overcome many inequalities in a political crisis and limitations in job opportunities, security and good health facilities in Edo State since the last thirty-five years of democracy.

They still have the full capacity of their skills and quality of artefacts and 21st-century marketing and culture of love for visitors. Some of these are the rise of traditional security and Igun street businesses of artefacts that are still outstanding to date in Edo State. Igun street quoted to host about thirty craft and souvenir shops and it is the most visited place of interest in Southern Nigeria. The artefact remains the pride and beauty of the Benin people and Edo State and a whole.

The Benin artefacts means love, power and joy to the people and the international community, More people are still encouraged when they visit the British museum to see the remian of the invasion 1897. even the British communities are making more money in the Benin Artefacts than the Benin community themselves.

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