Edo Government meets German Diplomats for Repatriation of Benin Artefacts


esterday I read about the German diplomats visit to Edo state Governor concerning the possible return of Benin Artefacts and on behalf of BARCO I praised our able Governor Obaseki for his commitment to return these valuable Benin artworks, at least there is a physical movement by an Edo state Governor to actually do something about the 1897 stolen Benin Artefacts.

There are some benefits in this adventure, first is the proposed building of a giant museum in Benin city to house the returned artefacts. This is a great development if it's materialised, it will further enhance the struggle to repatriate all the stolen artefacts back to Benin Kingdom.

Between what BARCO is fighting and what the Governor has proposed is a two different things, the Governor deal with the European museums which was negotiated by the Benin Dialogue Group is the loaning of Benin Artefacts for exhibition in Benin city. A deal that will allow Benin Artefacts to be brought to Benin for an exhibition in a period of time, thereafter they will be move to other countries for a rotational exhibition.

BARCO campaign is for an unconditional repatriation of all the Artefacts back to Benin Kingdom, *a permanent restitution of the Artefacts.*

BARCO want the return of Benin Artefacts without conditions attached to the repatriation, because they were stolen items, they need not no conditions attached to their return. No one loan stolen items back to the rightful owner, Edo kingdom owned the Artefacts, they should have them back without any condition.

We the Benin Artefacts Repatriation Campaign Organisation (BARCO) appreciate our Edo government plan, we are also calling on his Excellency Governor Obaseki and the Nigeria government to assist BARCO in achieving this goal.

While our struggle to repatriate all the Artefacts back to Benin continues, we will also encourage the Edo state government to actualize the proposed building of a museum to serve as a permanent place whenever the Artefacts are returned.

May God blessed BARCO. May God blessed Benin Kingdom. May God blessed Edo state. May God blessed the federal republic of Nigeria.

Mr. Odeh, President of BARCO

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