The Holy Prediction:


Chief Priest Osemwegie Ebohon, a prominent Benin son has always maintained that after 100 years of the British disgraceful invasion of Benin Kingdom, that all the looted and stolen things from the kingdom will be return back to Benin city.

Exactly 124 years after that brutal invasion that led to the massive killings of Edo sons and daughters, there is now a positive movements and struggles by Edo citizens worldwide for the unconditional repatriation of all the stolen artefacts.

Lately, the German government acknowledged the injustice done to the Edo people and the Benin Kingdom by the British forces and they have decided to return the golden values artworks back to Benin Kingdom. In their words "any stolen items, forcefully taking from the rightful owners have no place in Germany" and that rightful owner is the Benin Kingdom and His Royal Majesty, the Oba of Benin, Uku Akpolorkpolor, Oba noyan Edo.

BARCO reject any act of a third part having legitimacy to the custodian of any returned Benin Artefacts, because what belong to Edo people is owned by the kingdom of Benin, and the head of Benin Kingdom remain the Oba of Benin.

Oba ghator kpere, ise....

Mr. Odeh President of BARCO.

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